Dwayne Nestor

Our Great Coach on the Episode is rugby’s Dwayne Nestor

Dwayne is an Australian professional rugby coach with over 14 years coaching elite level rugby. He’s the current Head Coach of the Australian Women’s International Rugby Team, the Wallaroos.

In 2016, he coached the Perth Spirit to a Championship and joined the coaching staff of the Wallaroos, the Australian Women’s International Rugby Team in 2017 becoming their Head Coach in 2018.

Outside of Rugby, Dwayne is a strong advocate for the development of coaches and individuals through his organisation SiSu Life, where he specialises on the mental development of athletes and professionals in creating high performance mindsets. 

Dwayne’s website: https://www.sisulife.com.au/

The key highlights of this interview were

His insights in creating a suit of armour to protect yourself against self-doubt by doing the hard work in training and preparation, 

Getting the very best out of his players to execute consistently under pressure 

and, after so many years of elite coaching he can still be surprised by the high levels of self-awareness in his playing group.

The books Dwayne references;

‘Rebel Ideas: The Power of Diverse Thinking by Mat Syed

‘Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J Dubner

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