Bill Curry

Our Great Coach on this episode is Bill Curry.

Bill is a retired American Football player and coach. He played for Georgia Tech and then spent 10 seasons in the NFL, most notably playing in first super bowl and winning with the Green Bay Packers in 1966.

He retired in 1974 and transitioned into coaching and by 1980 was head coach of Georgia Tech, leading them to the 1985 All American Bowl, for which he was also named Coach of the Year. In 1988 he was the coach of the University of Alabama and led them to the Sugar Bowl win over Army, and a tie for the SEC title with Auburn and Tennessee.

He then went on to coach the University of Kentucky and was the inaugural coach of Georgia State University in 2008.

Bill radiates humility, wisdom and optimism. He represents the bright side of human potential, and in this interview talks about the long and winding road of his playing and coaching journey, and what it has taught him about life, love and the ripple effect of our actions.

His insights are timeless, and run very deep; and he personalizes them in a way that makes the distance between us, whether we are, in his words, a guy from South Central LA or a mountain boy from the hills of North Georgia, seem much smaller.

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