Thomas Frank

Our Great Coach on this episode is Thomas Frank

Thomas is the Head Coach of Brentford FC in the English Football League Championship.

He started his career coaching youth teams in Denmark. His success with the National Under 17 team led to his first senior appointment with Brondby in the Danish Superliga in 2013. He turned their performance around delivering top four performances in successive years.

In 2016 he joined Brentford as an Assistant Coach before becoming their manager in 2018. 

At the end of 2019 season he was awarded Manager of the Year and in May 2021, Brentford beat Swansea for promotion into to the English Premier League for the first time in 74 years.they are in the play-off to win elevation to the Premier League.

Thomas is an emotionally intelligent coach with an innate understanding of the dynamics that shape the culture of teams.

His beliefs about the importance of humility, and the value of hard work and standards are timeless.  He understands that to experience the joy of success, you must endure long periods of struggle, and yet through care and what he calls, appreciative enquiry, you can sustain the energy needed to continue on.

In this interview you will hear him talk about;

How he shapes the team around the core values of Hardwork, Performance, Attitude and Togetherness

How he works with a mentor every week who uses constructive cynicism to help him stay focused on his vales and energy levels.

How he believes football is art and when create a specific picture on the pitch it gives him so much joy.

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