Rob Beveridge

Our Great Coach on this episode is Australian Basketball coach, Rob Beveridge.

Rob began coaching state representative sides at the age of 19. Over the next 27 years his career steadily progressed, with some of the key highlights being a Gold medal leading Australia at the World U20 Championships, a Paralympic silver medal, a Commonwealth Games gold medal,  and a coveted National Championship with the Perth Wildcats in 2010.

Rob has also coached in China, the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates the Scottish national team and for 6 years coached the World team at the annual Nike Hoops Summit in the USA.

And along the way he picked up 14 coach of the year awards from various governing bodies.

Rob is a coach with a deep focus on teaching people to become elite athletes, and to achieve this he tries to help them be the best possible version of themselves.

He is a humble, self-reflective and with enough experience under his belt to know that great team cultures take time, patience and dedication to build.

The key parts of this interview that resonated with me were:

How to be a successful coach of an elite level team, you need to be able to understand every single role within the club, so that you can match the theory with how it is actually applied, and this why serving an apprenticeship to develop your craft is so important.

The importance in re-enforcing athlete strengths in building their confidence, and getting them to focus during games.

And that if you create a positive and fun culture, people will thrive, but if you micromanage, players they start to look over their shoulder, and this ultimately impacts their performance.

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