Bas Du Bruin

Our Great Coach on this episode is Bas Du Bruin.

Bas is a Dutch paratriathlon coach.

He started his coaching in the late 1990’s eventually becoming the coach of the National Para-triathlon team in 2013.

At the 2016 Olympics the paratriathlon team won a gold and silver medal, Bas has also coached athletes who have won World and European championships, as well as Geert Schipper, who famously won the Hawaiian ironman in 2018.

Bas hates the word para, he believes that it is just sport with equipment, and he loves the interaction of human performance and technology and using that to help people with a disability perform better.

Bas believes in trust, he offers it unconditionally and his athletes respond by pushing themselves beyond their comfort zone to find where their boundaries are.

His communication style is in his words, from the heart, and offers it in the moment, free from nuance. And focuses on helping athletes embrace their own responsibility and fixing their own flat tyres, because in the end the benefit for the athlete is greater if you don’t help.

In fact, he doesn’t even see himself as a coach, for him it is not a job, its just fun.

This is a terrific interview with a coach that has a deep passion for making a difference in peoples lives and I hope you enjoy it as much as Jim and I did.

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