Justin Langer

Our Great Coach on this episode is the Australian cricket coach Justin Langer.

Justin represented Australia in 105 Tests, and in 2009 surpassed Sir Donald Bradman for the most runs scored at first-class level by an Australian.

He retired in 2009 and transitioned into coaching, first as the Australian team batting coach, before becoming the head coach of Western Australia in 2012. over the next 6 years he led the team to victory in the One-Day Cup in 2015, and back to back Big Bash victories in 2014 and 2015.

In 2018 he was appointed Coach of the Australian Mens team and led the team to an Ashes victory in 2019, their first on English soil since 2001

Justin is an authentic leader, and believes that great team cultures have an environment where people are allowed to be themselves.

He blends physicality and spirituality in his approach to life, and brings both into his coaching philosophy. And is driven by the desire to not only lead a successful cricket team but also to make Australians proud of the team.

He is also a coach with a strong set of ethical principles, but also as a father of 4, he understands that you can’t treat all your children the same, and so sometimes you have to be flexible to connect with an individual and help them realise their potential.

Some of the key parts of this interview that resonated with me were:

The role that mentors have played in his life, and the stories he shares about the times these people have given him advice that has changed his mindset and behaviours.

How he describes the values of the Australian cricket team honesty, professionalism, humility, learning, and mate ship. And how it’s the last one, mateship that glues the team together.

And How great leaders are clear on the path the team is going to take , and how ongoing honest conversations ensure that the team continues to stay true to this path.

This interview left me inspired and self reflective and I hope you get as much out of it as I did.

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