Philip Sutcliffe Sr

Our Great Coach on this show is Philip Sutcliffe Sr.

Philip is a former boxer, who represented Ireland at 1980 and 1984 Olympic Games. He is the  winner of four national titles in Ireland, as well as bronze medals in two successive European Amateur Boxing Championships.

In 1992, he and 2 friends; Paddy Wheelan and Gary Griffin took over the derelict Crumlin Boxing Club. Today that club has produced over 30 champions at local, national and Olympic level; and is notable as the club where Conor McGregor trained through his teenage years.

Philip is a coach with a strong vocation to improve the lives of people through teaching them about discipline, self respect and belief through the sport of boxing.

He believes in learning every day in the pursuit of trying to be better and in the merits of trying, of keeping on despite setbacks, so that you develop and grow. And in this conversation he talks about boxers who have risen to champion level through employing this approach to life.

Philip is the type of coach who raises your expectations and then holds that line and encourages you toward it.

Some of the other key highlights are:

The role that self-belief plays in helping the fighter as they walk to the ring for their fight and the big difference a coach can make on that walk.

The importance of physical and mental toughness in order to be able to move up the grades in boxing, and how he goes about developing strength in these areas for his fighters.

And The stories he shares about 3 of the greats that he has helped train, Katie Taylor the two-time world champion and the current undisputed lightweight champion, world champion Michael Conlan and Ultimate Fighting Championship Connor Mcgregor.

I loved this interview, there is something in the way that boxing coaches approach life that connects with me very deeply, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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