And the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Begins …

I think this video to launch the Beijing Olympics does a terrific job of capturing what it is like to watch along as a fan. When the winter Olympics comes along we all suddenly become engrossed in sports like Curling and Biathlon, that for most of the time we don’t notice.

The beauty and grace of the winter sports, are a delight to watch on a cold afternoon. Especially when it is snowing outside. However it was the tag line below this video that caught my eye.

Every rise, every fall, every victory: we’re in it together #StrongerTogether

When we believe in each other, we can make the unbelievable happen. Belief from others inspires belief in ourselves; to make that leap, land that trick, to push to the finish. Through every rise, every fall, every victory: we’re in it together.

Self Belief is at the centre of the conversations with so many of the Great Coaches we have interviewed. Many of them identify it as their central role; to build self belief in the athlete to the point where as a coach they are not actually needed on the day of the competition.

Building this kind of self belief takes time, dedication and a partnership though. And there are some great insights around how to do this in the Ben Ryan, Heyneke Meyer and Briony Akle interviews.

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