Who we are

We started this podcast because we wanted to have better conversations with our families around the dinner table.

In a Tik Tok world, where the goal is often to be the star of the show; we wanted to change the conversation, and talk more about selflessness, leadership and responsibility.

And the people we knew who best exhibited these qualities were Great Sports Coaches.

As the podcast has grown, people have told us that it has also helped them have better conversations around the lunch table at work, in the boardroom, the car and also, with their own inner voice; who as many of the Great Coaches have told us, can be our greatest asset or biggest blocker to self-improvement.

Paul Barnett

I am an Australian, who is presently working in Romania. I grew up with a deep passion for Australian Rules Football, and these days also enjoy watching Australia play cricket live whenever I can. My work has taken me all over the world and given me the chance to see some amazing sports live; the Olympics in Beijing, the baseball in New York, the Rugby in Rome, Soccer in the Czech Republic and Ice Hockey in Switzerland.

The coaches that resonate most with me, are those from the combat sports like Boxing or Kickboxing; I find the way that they deal with fear is fascinating and inspiring. As the father of 2 daughters, I also enjoy listening to our many female coaches talk about empowerment and the steps that they have taken to succeed in their careers.

Jim Woolfrey

I grew up in the world's most isolated capital city, Perth, Western Australia, where backyard cricket was as intense as any Ashes campaign and the local Saturday afternoon league footy game was a staple. The days when kids could jump the boundary fence and join the player huddle to hear the senior coaches' addresses at each break in the game are long gone.

Today I’m living in the Upper Rhine region of Germany. I’ve had the privilege of working in many countries, with some wonderful organisations and under many impressive leaders. Since those days charging across a football field, I’ve always been drawn to the stories behind great sports coaches. The expectation of being able to consistently perform in one of the most intense working environments possible is something few can master.

Connecting my curiosity with my professional journey has allowed me to see many coaching icons live in action at memorable sporting events across the world; the Football World Cup in South Africa, IPL cricket in India, the Olympic Games, Ashes Cricket, Rugby World Cup, English Premier League, and my beloved West Coast Eagles in 3 AFL Grand Finals. As a husband to a superwoman and father to an endless dreamer, the stories behind the journeys of strong female role-models connect with me deeply. You’ll occasionally hear Paul ask, "Jim, are you crying?" I usually am. .

Mike Bach

An American who’s had the great pleasure to work around the world, and become a student to new sports, as well as learning that football doesn’t have to be played with a helmet!

The coaches that resonate most with me understand how to create leaders from great athletes, on and off their playing field of choice. Being able to leverage their teams’ strengths, make and communicate in-game adjustments effectively, then giving praise and accepting responsibility when the games outcome has been decided. As jobs go, being a head coach is hard to enjoy if you measure success through just the won:loss record. The great coaches in my mind measure their own success first by the future leaders they create.

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What People Say

Your fantastic podcast is keeping me great company thanks!

Allistair McCaw


An Excellent Podcast. Great advise and understanding of leadership.

Gavin Sweet

South Africa

Loved it !!! Inspiring & thought provoking! Thankyou for sharing.



Outstanding insight to an amazing leader! Some gold nugget takeaways in this interview for all coaches.

Jason Fairall

greatly inspiring podcast !



So many of those discussions are applicable to not just sport but are all about communication, relationships and professionalism.
Thankyou both for your insight and care!

Lisa Alexander


I'd recommend this podcast. Always interesting, with handy tips on coaching and life.

Chris Bennett


Really enjoying these podcasts, great to be able to take learnings for those with a passion for sport into business. Great initiative!

Andrew Plastow


You have to check out The Great Coaches Podcast. So many super interesting episodes. The recent chat with English cricket coach, Peter Moores was simply awesome!! So many great takeaways for coaches of all sports. Love your work @CoachesGreat!!

Mat Holmes

Incredibly powerful stuff and the insights and storytelling is gold!

Dan Ryan