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The Great Coaches are men and women who have won multiple Olympic medals and championships on the national and world stage.
Their insights are timeless and universal. Here are some of the teams they come from:

We believe that there is no algorithm for leadership and so we interview great sports coaches from around the world to try and find ideas to help all of us lead our families our colleagues, and our teams better.

An archive of timeless ideas and advice, straight from the world’s Great Coaches

The Great Coaches are men and women who have won multiple Olympic medals and championships on both national and world stages. Through a series of interviews, we’re collecting and building an archive of their ideas, advice and stories to help inspire, guide and educate current and future generations of leaders and listeners.

We believe that sport provides a unique learning environment for both leadership and life.

As one of our guests, Hugh McCutcheon said, “you can make mistakes in sports and learn from them without incurring the same level of collateral damage you might have to face in the ‘real world’.”

It brings people together, helps them form a sense of belonging, and has a civil set of rules that need to be followed by everyone.

We can’t guarantee that the ideas you will find in our material will help you win more, but we can guarantee they will help you grow and develop as a leader.

Why? Because that is the impact it has had on us.

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  • Today’s episode is focuses on the topic of On being a champion teammate, and we are joined for the conversation by Dr Jerry Lynch and John O’Sullivan.Dr. Jerry LYNCH received his doctorate in psychology from Penn State University, he is the author of 13 books on coaching, leadership, peak performance, and sports psychology. In the[...]

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