Aimee Boorman

Aimee Boorman

Aimee Boorman is an American Gymnastics coach who led the USA Team at the 2016 Rio Olympics. However, Aimee Boorman is perhaps best known as the coach of Simone Biles, who she started coaching in 2003 when Simone was just 6. Aimee and Simone were together for 14 World Championship and Olympic Gold medals.

Simone became the first woman ever to win three straight all-around titles and the first gymnast to capture 10 gold medals at the World Championships.

As you’ll hear in this terrific interview, Aimee’s approach to gymnastic coaching breaks with tradition, and is marked by a strong sense of doing what is right for her athletes, many of who are teenagers in elite competitions.

Some of the other key highlights for me were:

  • The way she has learnt about tailoring her communication to the many age groups she leads, and how she is never afraid to apologise when she gets it wrong.
  • The way she deals with the anxiety that her athletes feel, in search for the perfect 10 in gymnastics
  • And The way she helps her athletes control their emotions in competition, by bringing them back to their practice, and not trying to do any more than they do then.

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