When Jacinda Ardern stepped down from the Prime Ministership in New Zealand she said, ‘I no longer have enough in the tank.’ There was plenty of commentary about why she felt this way, what the causes might be, and what she might do next. However, for me it was another reminder that leadership is tiring; its demands are exhaustive and insatiable; and try as you might to renew your energy there will be times when you are in deficit.

But it is an activity that can help you achieve your purpose; whether that is trying to set a good example for others; or doing what you can to leave things a little better than you found them. Stepping forward, even when you are unsure of what the moment requires of you; is brave and humbling and something that, like Jacinda has shown us, can open up so many opportunities for you in life.

If renewing your energy is something that you want to work on, then reach out for a chat anytime. Grant and I understand the difficulties of leading and trying to remain balance across the many roles in your life. It’s never easy, but better moments are possible.

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