Best of Series: Paul Roos

Our Great Coach on this episode is Paul Roos.

Paul is a former professional Australian Rules Footballer and coach.

Paul began his professional playing career in 1982, eventually retiring with 356 games, 5 Best and Fairest awards, 7 All Australian selections and the 1986 Leigh Matthews Medal under his belt.

He began coaching in 2002 with the Sydney Swans. It was here that he implemented his high performance dialogue philosophy, and in 2005 he coached the Swans to their first premiership in 72 years.

Paul is a wonderful Coach and Leader, who has managed to find a balance in life that also makes him a great role model.

This conversation spans his experience Coaching elite level Football teams, doing his best as a father to be present for his family and his latest work with organisations helping them build the right behaviours so that they don’t leave culture to chance.

The highlights for me were:

· His thoughts on what he calls “Real Talk” and how this is the cornerstone of accountability and taking teams from Good to great.

· How you act your way into a culture, and so behaviors across the group are critical to make sure new people enter and build on the culture in the right way.

· And the idea of starting meetings with a gratitude session to shout out to someone who has made a difference however big or small.

I hope you enjoy it as much as Jim and I did.

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