Brian Bohannon

Brian Bohannon

Brian Bohannon is an American Football coach.

Brian started as an Assistant with Gardner-Webb in 1996, and then over the next 17 seasons progressed through roles with Georgia Southern, Navy and Georgia Tech. In 2014 he started as the inaugural Head Coach for Kennesaw State. That team has gone on to become the the best five-year start-up program in college football history. Along the way he has won 3 Big South Coach of the Year, the AFCE Coach of the Year as well as leading the team to two Big South Conference championships.

Some of the key highlights are:

  • How he describes mental toughness as the ability to execute a simple task regardless of circumstance. And the way he structures the teams culture around effort, attitude toughness to help re-enforce this.
  • ┬áThe story he tells about starting up the team from scratch and taking it to be the most successful 5 year startup program in college football history.
  • How the number one thing the great coaches have is the leadership ability to take a group of people from different places and backgrounds and get them to buy in to a common goal and vision.

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