Jack Clark

Jack Clark

Jack Clark is a former rugby union player who represented both the USA and World 15. He has also coached the USA National team the Eagles to 16 Test victories.

He is presently in his 41st year as coach of the University of California bears. IN that times he has led the team to 23 National Collegiate Championships in 15s, and five national titles in 7s

He has also been named a Living Legend by the Pac-12 Network is a member of U.S. Rugby Hall of Fame and Cal Athletics Hall of Fame.

Jack is a master coach with so many hard won insights. Just a few of them that stayed with me afterwards were:

  • The way he talks about mental toughness as being the ability to focus on the next most important thing.
  • The mindset he tries to bring into his team of grateful for everything entitled for nothing
  • And How he views leadership as a skill not a rank.

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