On Legacy

On Legacy

Today’s episode is focuses on the topic of Legacy.

We are joined for the conversation by James Kerr the author of the book, Legacy: What the All Blacks Can Teach Us About the Business of Life

James’ book is one of the most referenced by our interview guests, it has over 4000 5 star review on Amazon UK alone.

He is a consultant to some of the world’s top sporting and business organisations. And in this interview, he takes us inside his work with these groups and how they go about unlocking high performance.

Some of his ideas that resonated deeply with us were:

His belief that people will rise to a challenge if it’s their challenge, and the quite amazing story he shares to illustrate this about Leicester winning the FA cup in England.

His view that the story you tell yourself becomes the story that others end up telling about you. And how you can use to set up a team culture.

And How the culture at the All Blacks New Zealand Rugby team is about stabbing people in the belly not the back.

This is the type of fireside chat that stays with you for a long, long time afterwards.

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