On Serial Winning Coaches

Today’s episode is focuses on the topic of Serial Winning Coaches


And Dr David Turner and I are joined for the discussion by Professor Cliff Mallett and Professor Sergio Lara-Bercial who have just written a book called Learning from Serial Winning Coaches based on their research interviewing 17 of these coaches across 10 sports and 10 different countries.


Cliff Mallett is an Olympic and World Championship medal winning coach. He is a distinguished Professor of Sport Psychology and Coaching at the University of Queensland, Australia. And has developed a world-renowned online program in sports coaching and consults nationally and internationally for many elite sporting organisations.


While Sergio is also an international basketball coach who led teams into 4 European Championships. He is a world-renown Professor of Sport Coaching at Leeds Beckett University, England and VP for the International Council for Coaching Excellence. He also conducts applied research in coach development and youth sport and consults globally for organisations such as FIFA, UEFA, FIBA, NIKE and the IOC. 


There are so many great ideas in the interview but a few that stuck with me afterwards were:


  •  The idea of connection before correction when it comes to coaching, as you cant teach anyone until you have connected with them and they know you care.
  •  The importance of a shared purpose, holding each other accountable and respecting the individual when it comes to building connection within the team.
  •  And How the great coaches have a philosophy that contains clear values and principles that they use a framework to guide their work, particularly when they face dilemmas.


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