On The Champion Teammate

the champion team mate

Today’s episode is focuses on the topic of On being a champion teammate, and we are joined for the conversation by Dr Jerry Lynch and John O’Sullivan.

Dr. Jerry LYNCH received his doctorate in psychology from Penn State University, he is the author of 13 books on coaching, leadership, peak performance, and sports psychology. In the past 30 years alone, he has worked with teams that have been a part of 54 Final Four and 36 National Championship at the collegiate and professional levels.

John O’Sullivan is a former collegiate and professional soccer player and has coached for over 30 years on the youth, high school, and collegiate levels. John has written two bestselling books, he is also the host of one of the world’s top podcasts, The Way of Champions.


Together John and Jerry have written a new book called The Champion Teammate: Timeless Lessons to Connect, Compete and Lead in Sports and Life

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