On The Psychology of Successful Groups

On The Psychology of Successful Groups

Today’s episode is something a little different, we are joined by Samantha Rockey to look at the ways psychology, teams and high-performance overlap.

Sam has just co-authored the book: The Social Brain: The Psychology of successful groups.

She is an Associate fellow at the Oxford University said Business school, is one of the co-founds of the consultancy Thompson Harrison, and also co-hosts one of my favourite podcasts, Ghost Lights.

Some of the highlights from the interview are Sam’s thoughts that:

  • Its through team membership and in particular the teams leader that people experience the culture of the organisations they belong to.
  •  How the focus of leaders should be to create other leaders so that they can create a ripple effect throughout the organisation.
  •  The research that says 60% to 70% of people are stressed because of the behaviour of their superiors. And the implications of this for you as a leader.
  •  And The importance of disrupting your teams by bringing in ideas and stimulus from outside, and making sure that the membership is diverse.

Samantha can be reached here.

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