The theatre, spectacle, and drive of F1 has become something that unites everyone in our home.

And part of its magic is that it’s not just about the winners or losers; there are stories on every turn.

Lately we have been talking about the rise of Aston Martin, and the sheer mastery of Alonso. But there is a story off the track as well, and it’s about the team cohesion under Team Principal Mike Krack.  He puts their improved performance partly down to “leaving creative space for the team.”

This caught my eye, as it sounds like such a simple idea, yet I am sure it was difficult to implement when you have a demanding boss, world-class competition and you are also building a new £200m facility.

The season has a long way to go still, but it looks like the changes Mike has led at Aston Martin are sustainable ones and will prove a great case study for all of us.

The forces that shape teams fascinate me, if you are looking to work on improving yours and want a third-party opinion or a second set of eyes I am always up for a chat.

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