With the Ashes in full swing in England I have been up late watching the Australian Men and Women play against our old foe. The matches have been thrilling but at the same time are often slow and meditative to watch. A perfect combination!

The English crowds provide a great backdrop; their singing and banter is the best in the world. And behind them is the English press with their stinging, often brutal assessment of the teams and players. If you are a player, I imagine there is nowhere to hide. So you have to learn to block out the noise.

Mitchell Johnson was able to do this by singing the Disney song Let it Go, sung by Queen Elsa in the movie Frozen. For him the song reminded him that he needed to let the crowds noise go; and at the same time, let the ball go with as much force as he could muster. And it made a significant difference to his performance. It’s a great example of focusing on what’s important; letting go of what is not. And this is a critical leadership skill in all areas of life.

If blocking out the noise is something that interests you, drop me a note as I’m always interested in hearing how other people deal with this.

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