The day after King Charles’ coronation there was a concert and his son, Prince William spoke at the opening. In a 90 second space he said that he thought his mum, the late Queen, would be proud and that he too was proud of his Dad.

It reminded me that sometimes belief from others fortifies us much more than self-belief, but that also outward expressions of belief from others are infrequent.

In leadership roles, it is often assumed that your belief is stronger than any doubt that you or those around you experience. And there are times when this is true, but there are also many other moments when you have to step forward even though you are unsure of what the moment requires of you.

These “leadership moments” end up not only shaping us but also the people we lead, mentor, and parent. It’s hard to get these moments right every time; but I have often found that the learning from them is some of the best we ever get.

If you are interested in discussing your leadership moments, then DM me for a chat. I find it easier to mine for learning sometimes when there are 2 sets of eyes.

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