I am not a golf player. I have tried over the years, but it’s just not for me. However, I will watch the big tournaments when they are on TV. I find it fascinating how the players cope with the intense focus around them when they step up to the ball. It’s a game of millimetres and very small %’s.

Tiger Woods spent 683 weeks as the worlds #1 golfer. And when he was interviewed about his key strengths as a golfer, he said it was his ability to forget his last shot. In fact, he gives himself 10 steps after making a bad shot in which to process it and then move on. It is a wonderful skill to possess and one I imagine that he started practicing in childhood.

The ability to process, learn and then move on is something I am always working on. I see it as a crucial way of being present with family and friends, and not stuck mentally back in the thickets of “my last bad shot.” Mindfulness, exercise, breathing; there are many things that can help but ultimately it comes down to trying, failing, and learning.

If working on your own version of Tigers’ 10 step rule is something that interests you then drop me a message. I am always keen to learn what helps others lead themselves, their families, and their teams better.

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