Jeremy Gunn

Jeremy Gunn

Jeremy Gunn is a former professional soccer player and now Head Coach.

He grew up in England before moving to American for University. There he attended Cal State and was part of their 1992 Championship team and an All American.

He then became an Assistant and Cal State, before becoming a Head Coach at Fort Lewis College. He led that team to 6 Rocky Mountain Championships and the 2006 NCAA division 2 championship. He then moved to the Charlotte 49ers before becoming the Stanford Head Coach in 2011. He has since led the Cardinals to 3 NCAA Championships, as well as 5 straight Pac 12 conference titles.

Some of the key points are:

  • How, when coaches hold back on challenging people for fear of over stepping a line they are in fact not helping the athlete become mentally fitter.
  •  How the line to which you can challenge people changes with each individual, and so when you’re a coach, or you’re a leader, the big thing is to create agreed upon lines within the group you have, and then maintain standard to those lines
  • How he believes that people are a product of their environment. And he sees the role of the coach to create an environment that shapes people towards the outcome that you want.

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