Liam Sheedy

Lian Sheedy

Liam is a former Irish Hurling player and now Coach.

Liam played 13 senior games with Tipperary over 10 years. He retired in 1999 and in 2002 began coaching Tipperary youth teams. In 2007 he was appointed senior coach, and in 2010 he led to team to their 26th All Ireland Victory. Liam then took a year break from coaching at the highest level to spend more time with his family, as well as to coach local teams. In 2018 he returned to coach Tipperary and in his 2nd year won the All Ireland final again.

  • His challenge on whether you focus on the setback or the bounce back and how this idea flows through his story and the championship teams he has led.
  • His belief that a perfect day is when you give to somebody who might never be able to repay it. And his focus as a leader on creating an environment where the person gets to flourish.
  • How the great coaches are innovators and focused on creativity so that they can get to the future before anybody else.

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