On Competitive Excellence

Competitive Excellence

This podcast is on the topic of Competitive excellence, and we are joined for the discussion with one our past guests the Great Coach Hugh McCutcheon who has just written a book called Championship Behaviours.

Hugh played Volleyball for New Zealand national Junior and Senior teams before transitioning into coaching.
In 2005 he was appointed as Head Coach of the USA mens team who went to win the Gold medal at the 2008 Olympics.
Then in 2008 he was appointed coach of the USA women’s team, and led them to a silver medal at the 2012 Olympics.

Some of the key highlights of our discussion are:

How a focus on competitive excellence helps you build a life of achievement, and not solely a focus on the winning achievements.

His core philosophy of preparing your self to be at your best when the best is needed.

And How you honour your commitment to your own life by trying to the best you can be, and this requires you to look being just performing better than your competitors. Instead it requires you to use use your competitors to improve your own performance.

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