Tim Sheens

Tim Sheens

Our Great Coach on this episode is Tim Sheens.

Tim Sheens is an Australian Rugby League coach. He played 166 games for the Penrith Panthers and then moved in to coaching in 1984. He coached the Canberra Raiders to Premierships, in 1989, 90 and 94 and then in 2005 led the Wests Tigers to the premiership.

He has also coached the NSW team to the 1991 state or origin series win and the Australian team to the 2013 World Championship.

Some of the key highlights are:

  • The philosophy he borrowed from an American coach of “being consistent in treating everybody differently.” And how as a result he doesn’t see people management in black and white terms.
  • How Tim identifies 3 things that effective teams need to be doing every week: working on their public perception, thining about the opposition and making sure that small groups within the organisation don’t start talking negatively about other small groups.
  •  How the best coaches are good recruiters, and they select people who are going to suit their style.

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