On Care

This episode is on the topic of Care and how the Great Coaches use it in their approach to Leadership, and it features audio quotes from 14 Great Coaches.

The key points are:

  • Caring for the person, beyond their ability to perform as an athlete or an employee, will help you be a better leader.
  • Bringing care into your leadership style, means that there will be times when you must be more than just a coach, at times you will need to be a friend, a teacher, or a mentor. Your ability to navigate these different roles will influence your performance as a coach.
  • If you want to bring more care into your relationships, a first step is to start by meeting the other person where they are, not with your own agenda. This will help you understand the barriers that might be holding the person back.
  • The benefit of having a deeper sense of care for your team is that it will allow you to ask more of them.
  • Building relationships based on care can be exhausting as the leader so it’s important to ensure you have routines to help you recover and maintain your energy.