On Leadership

This episode pulls together the thoughts that over 100 Great Coaches from around the world; men and women who have won multiple Olympic medals and championships both regionally, nationally and on the world stage; have shared with us on the topic of Leadership.

The key points are:

  • The best definition of leadership from the Great Coaches is the ability to influence in a way that allows people to thrive.
  • When you embrace a leadership role you become a role model and you must be prepared to act when you see something that is not right.
  • The skill of leadership will be more important than your technical knowledge.
  • There are different types of leadership styles you can use, and these evolve as you develop.
  • As you soon as you influence someone you are exhibiting leadership, and therefore it is the responsibility of everyone in the team.

Files included in this lesson:

  • Podcast
  • Podcast Transcript in PDF
  • Videos as per thumbnails below