On Communication

Today’s episode is on the topic of Communication, and it features audio quotes from 15 Great Coaches.

The key points are:

  • Focus on communicating in way that motivates, builds trust, and provides direction. Embrace honesty when you communicate but do it in a way that is as tailored to the individual as possible.
  • Accept that open-honest conversations are required of you as the leader, and that these conversations may be difficult but are ultimately in the best interests of the individual and organisation.
  • Solid relationships will allow you to have direct, robust, and simplified communication in the heat of competition without fear that it will de-rail performance.
  • Relationships can be strengthened if you are willing to communicate your own failures and uncertainties as a coach.
  • Reflect on the triggers that impact your ability to communicate clearly as a coach and focus on creating an environment where athletes feel comfortable to communicate freely.

Files included in this lesson:

  • Podcast
  • Podcast Transcript in PDF
  • Videos as per thumbnails below