On Self Doubt

This podcast is on the topic of Self Doubt and how the Great Coaches help their athletes and themselves overcome it.

The key points are:

  • Self-doubt is a good thing if it propels you to be curious and look for new ways of doing things. And dealing with the self-doubt of your team will be one of the keys things you will need to do as the team leader.
  • Don’t dismiss peoples doubt, acknowledge them and explore it with the individual.
  • To help people deal with doubt, you can help them reframe their language into more positive phrases, remind them of the context surrounding their performance and where they are on their journey towards their goal, review previous successes, visualize future performance, or use action to help quieten their negative voice and move forward.
  • It is also possible to pre-empt the onset of self-doubt through specific rituals or routines, to plan for moments that might trigger doubt and to put in the work to help you create a ‘suit of armour’ to protect against self-doubt de-railing your performance.