On Legacy with James Kerr

July 03, 2023 We believe that there is no algorithm for leadership and so we interview great sports coaches from around the world to try and find ideas to help all of us lead our families, our colleagues, and our teams better. The best ideas from those interviews are in this newsletter and each week […]

Briony Akle

Briony is a former professional netball players and now coach. Briony played for the New South Wales Swifts in the Australian Super Netball League and was part of their premiership team in 2001 and 2004. After retiring she transitioned into coaching, and progressed through roles with junior and senior representative sides. In 2016 she became […]

Andy King

Andy says he that started walking, talking and surfing all at the same time so it wasn’t surprising that he became a professional surfer in 1996. His career lasted for 8 years but then on a night out with his girlfriend and now wife, Nadene; he was hit from behind and fell to the round […]